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2023 Internship




College Student in School Hallway

What does an Intern at Spyhce do? 

As an Intern you will work in a small team of other front-end and back-end developers in order to build interactive, high traffic, high performance and highly secure web apps. You will not only work together with colleagues in Romania but also with colleagues in The Netherland. 

You enjoy doing this

  • Work together with colleagues that are smart but not smartass; 

  • Learn to develop features with the use of Python/ Angular that will make our web apps extraordinary;

  • Improve your coding skills step by step everyday.

You recognize yourself in the following

  • You have experience with coding in Python/Angular or similar on Linux platforms;

  • You have knowledge of OOP, CSS, SQL;

  • You have experience with source control and standard library/concepts;

  • You know how to work in Agile environments and test driven development exposure;  

  • You have excellent commenting skills;

  • You have affinity with Talent Matching - neural networks, social graphs;

  • You like creating and consuming RESTful APIs and web-services (data capturing & exchange);

  • You are interested in Big Data - algorithms, data mining, polyglot databases, analytics.

This is what you are looking for in an internship

  • A place where you get the room to learn all the ins and outs of Python/Angular;

  • Money;

  • A comfortable office with a ping-pong table and other board games;

  • Interesting challenges to tackle in the field of Python/Angular; 

  • An international environment;

  • Flexible working hours.


If you want to join our 2023 Summer Internship, click on the link below and fill in the form :


for BE internship: apply here
for FE internship: apply here

We are looking forward to have you in our team!

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