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Front-end Developer

Cluj-Napoca (on site& hybrid)

Full time

3 years experience

Image by Christopher Gower

Are you an Angular developer and looking to work in a high tech, non-corporate, relaxed environment with flexible hours and a group of very experienced colleagues that are willing to share their knowledge?   Oh, well..You are looking for us!

If you enjoy doing this

  • Work together with colleagues that are smart but not smartass;

  • Tackle interesting challenges in the field of Front-end development;

  • Work on multiple projects at the same time in a highly innovative environment; 

  • Help to think about UX improvements in order to build the most extraordinary web apps;

  • Improve yourself everyday

This is what we require:

  • 3 years of experience with front-end development;

  • Experience with JavaScript, XHTML/HTML(5), CSS, OOP;

  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (Angular / React) and libraries;

  • Experience in working with Responsive Design;

  • Knowledge of versioning control systems.

What does an Angular Developer at Spyhce do? 

  • First, he wakes up in the morning;

  • He drinks his coffee, maybe he can go outside for a walk with his pet, if he has one;

  • Returns back at home, make another coffee and he starts solving some tasks that he can choose during a grooming or a task given by team’s lead/ Project Manager;

  • Joins Daily stand ups (not mandatory) to share his work progress/status with all our colleagues;

  • Short meetings if it’s required;

  • Lunch break; 

  • Writes code for our matching app, in order to move forward in his tasks; 

  • Slack huddles/calls with colleagues;

  • Because of our flexibility, he can solve personal things anytime, just letting us know before, that he needs a short break.

What do we offer you further?

  • Medical insurance;

  • Agile working methodologies;

  • Transparent performance management system;

  • Internal gamification system;

  • After work gatherings & Outings with the team (sports activities, or just going somewhere out);

  • Opportunity to get involved in our CSR programs by being conscious of the kind of impact we are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental; 

  • A team of young international colleagues.

While working at Spyhce you will enjoy periodical knowledge transfer sessions, a diversity in products and projects development, working with the latest technologies.

If frontend is your go-to word when talking about your professional career, and you also like challenges, you might just be what we are looking for. Why not come for a good coffee and discussion and let's build wonderful things together?! Just send me an email before at to set the time&day.

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