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1 year of PEP's | Spyhce


December 2013 Empty. Cold. Two ladies came right before New Year’s Eve and had a coffee in the kitchen.

I was half asleep so I didn’t pay much attention to them. Party, food, drinks and then.. silence. Again. Empty . Cold.

January 2014 First came Andrei and Cristina. And then offices. And then flowers. And laughter. Who are they? Mihai, Mihai, Paul, Mihai, Maria, Andrei and it was spring already.

They were filling my space, talking, laughing, working. I had no idea what Python was, moreover AngularJS, Agile, Amazon, Django, Git, Celery…funny names I tell you. But they were excited, passionate and that was enough for me. I could tell you some funny stories about project number 15 or about the internship, about the bike tour, climbing or the running challenge, but there is no time now. Alex, Vlad, Dan, Anca, Gabi, Andrei, Ema, Sergiu, Mircea, Andrei joined. They really like Mihai’s and Andrei ‘s I’ve noticed. Not confusing the clients with too many names turns out to be a good strategy.

I was not alone anymore. Spyhce was happening around me.

Projects were delivered, knowledge was shared and a team was forming. I am afraid of one thing now.. I am big, but I am not enough for their dreams. I can welcome a few more Andrei’s and Mihai’s, but I will have to let them go soon. Spyhce-ing up software needs a bigger space. It was the best year my friends. Bow and happy 1 year anniversary!

Signed, Spyhce Office (Nicolae Iorga, 28)

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