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Spyhce will showcase Smartfeedz at EuroPython 2015


We are happy to announce that Spyhce is one of the proud sponsors of EuroPython 2015. The 14th edition of the official European conference for the Python programming language will take place from July 20th to July 26th, in Bilbao, Spain.

EuroPython conference started in 2002 and was made possible with the work and dedication of an amazing team of volunteers. It was held in Charleroi, Belgium and hosted over 200 attendees, being the first Python related event organized by volunteers only.

With more than 1200 participants in 2014, this event is now the largest European Python conference in Europe and the second largest worldwide. Moreover, the EuroPython conference is also a meeting reference for the best European programmers, universities and companies across the globe interested in Python language programming. More information about this amazing event is available on their official website.

We’re going to take Smartfeedz to Bilbao

Have you already heard of Smartfeedz? It’s ok if you didn’t, because we will let you know all the details below.

What is Smartfeedz and what does it do?

Smartfeedz , a product developed by Spyhce, is a Social Media aggregator, which means it has the ability to combine several different sources in order to present all Social Media messages about an event or brand page on a single wall.

Imagine one single wall ”painted” with texts, pictures, videos and feedback about your event and/or about your brand presented in real time, as people are interacting using different Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc). All you have to do is encourage them to use specific hashtags in their posts, which Smartfeedz uses in order to display the messages.

What are we going to do in Bilbao?

As an official sponsor of EuroPython 2015, Spyhce will provide Smartfeedz as the solution for aggregating and displaying all Social Media messages related to the conference and marked with #EuroPython or #EP2015 or posted on the conference official Social Media channels.. The application will display the messages on the available screens, so everybody will be able to see live what people are talking about and what the feedback is, while also checking the conference schedule.

Spyhce and Smartfeedz will be represented at EuroPython 2015 by Mircea Zetea, Technical Manager and Product Architect for Smartfeedz. Our colleague will also entertain the audience with a lighting talk of about 10 minutes, presenting the product and its capabilities.

Since our technology stack is full Python we asked if it would be of interest for them to use our software to display the live social activity during the EuroPython event, of course free of charge. They accepted our offer and we couldn’t be happier, as this gives us the opportunity to show what Smartfeedz and Spyhce can do”, said Mircea about the way he approached the organization staff of the conference.

Why use Smartfeedz at your events?

Social Media power is no longer a myth but a reality, and it can really help brands and events grow and become popular incredibly fast. People are interacting in real time and messages are spread across the globe instantly, so why not take advantage of this and stay connected with everything everyone says about you?

Social Media power is awesome, but you have to know how to use it. It can help you a lot, but it can also ruin your reputation. This is another reason why you need a product that aggregates all the messages about you in a single place, making negative feedback easy to spot and fought back. Be in the know and nothing will ever surprise you again!

What are the specific advantages you can benefit from?

This is the best part, right? Well, here you go:

- Smartfeedz makes everything related to an event or brand page easy to use, track and analyze.

- Historical data are stored and can be compared.

- Interaction can easily be encouraged in real time using gamification, contests, etc.

- You can track and display multiple events in parallel, using one single wall.

- Your marketing team can simply manage all your Social Media interaction from one place.

- You can include Smartfeedz in your own website or have it hosted by us.

- Does not require any complex configuration, so it’s easy to set up.

- You can customize the design according to your desires.

How is Smartfeedz different from the competition?

Although the concept is similar, we really believe Smartfeedz is the way to go when you find yourself in need of such a product. That’s because it offers a refresh time of less than half a minute, it gives you real time analytics, API, a fully customizable sponsor display, technical support, an easy to use moderation module, different types of analysis (such as semantic and sentiment), an accurate prediction engine and many more features that work together in order to make sure you get all the data you need.

How about those technical terms?

Smartfeedz uses social networks’ APIs, combined with Django Webframework and Python, in order to expose an endpoint created with DRF (Django REST Framework), which will return the scraped data from the social networks.

Who are we?

If you just entered our site and don’t really know us, we can describe ourselves in just a few words: we are one of the few companies in Eastern Europe focusing on Python Software Development. We aim to establish a European Excellence Center for this programming language and work at the forefront of technology developing cutting edge applications. In order to achieve this, we constantly strive to improve our technical expertise in Python/Django, AngularJS and in several specific areas such as security, scalability, education and e-learning (EDX for example), e-commerce (Oscar), ERP systems (Odoo – former OpenERP), Google App Engine, Big Data Apache Spark, Cassandra, OpenStack, Amazon AWS etc.

If you want to get to know us better please check out the About us page or get in touch with us.

We would very much like to know you, too

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