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Thank God it's Christmas ... again


Cluj-Napoca, February 23, 2015. The challenge was not necessarily new, but it was still fun and it brought on some early holiday feeling in December 2014: make (code) a Christmas tree.

33 developers announced their participation, 10 coders were undecided, and in the end we have received 12 coded trees.

When judging the solution, we looked at how creative it was, how scalable, the amount of hardcoded elements it contained and of course its accuracy (if it compiled, if it had errors, if we were given all the data needed to display the tree). We had a TOP3 -Bing Chandler -Horia Uifaleanu (C ), Rares Barbantan(JS, HTML5) and Claudiu Ceia (SCAD)- but only one winner.

“Thank you! Playing with a Raspberry Pi is on my to do list for more than a year. Now that I won it I have more reasons to procrastinate other activities and start experimenting with this little computer…In version 2 of Fibonacci Christmas Tree I aim to place globe lights using a Gauss distribution pattern with a little touch of random.” –Horia Uifaleanu, the RaspberryPi winner.

Thank God it’s Christmas … again – Christmas Tree Contest Retrospective ends with the invitation “See you at our next spring challenge!”.

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