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8vance Talent Matching

Our customer 8vance is a Dutch tech-start-up that has built a first deep matching technology. 8vance sees the problem of mismatches and the missing transparency in the current job market. Based on this 8vance has developed an intelligent matching technology that maps and visualises relationships into complex interrelated datasets. With this the whole market becomes transparent and the right match can be found.

Together with different partners (including Jibe, a design team and a scientific board) we conceptualized, designed and developed a cloud application based on the intelligent matching of 8vance using Python and the Django framework. The 8vance cloud application offers users the opportunity to access their individual job market situation after profiling themselves, and companies the overview of suitable talents for their job vacancies. Through the neural network of the application the individual labour market is available for everyone on their phone at any time and almost no cost.


8vance wants to provide oversight and transparency at maximum convenience and affordability for both job candidates, as well as companies. Users can put their focus on the big picture, avoid uncertainty, anticipate the future, and make faster and better decisions.


8vance’s business logic is developed in Python using Django, the model-view-controller framework. The matching of 8vance is visualised using the neural network technology and thus offers users a transparent job market.


The collaboration with 8vance and Jibe not only resulted in a high quality cloud application, but also resulted into the allocation of own development resources and the establishment of Spyhce.

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